7 key trends in competition law to follow in 2019

Motieka & Audzevičius Regulatory and Antitrust team continues to foresee the changes of competition law and follows its enforcement trends to support your business activities in a dynamic market and regulatory conditions. Looking ahead we see that market players will have to adapt to stricter enforcement of competition law. All national competition authorities across the EU will be strengthened because of the newly adopted EU Directive on empowering national competition authorities. From July 2019 Lithuanian Competition Council will gain additional powers to investigate competition law infringements and to impose sanctions and fines on new grounds.

Public tenders, retail sector and e-commerce contracts are most likely to be in the spotlight of Competition Council in 2019. Furthermore, the business shall evaluate the potential impact of proposed new Council powers, such as structural measures, on their business activities. Also, we pay attention to the necessity to promote awareness of competition law between employees to enable them to recognise potential competition law infringements in their daily operational activities, as well as, to develop policy on behavior during the dawn raids and investigations in order to avoid fines for procedural infringements.

For key trends in competition law to follow in 2019 please refer here (in Lithuanian only).