Celebration of the Lawyers’ Days

The traditional festival of the Law Students of Vilnius University – The Lawyers’ Days – has been conducted with the support of Motieka & Audzevicius. On this important event the prospective lawyers make a commitment so they will make justice on an efficient and ethical way.

The Chairman of Motieka & Audzevicius Kazimieras Motieka states: „It‘s a great opportunity once again to ascertain that being a lawyer is more than just an occupation. Celebration of the Lawyers’ Days associates with the day of Justice, Truth and Laws. I hope that future lawyers will be devoted to those core values of the democratic society and by hard work will strive to achieve both the academic and professional excellence.”

The Lawyers’ Days are celebrating with a quiz show, conference, the charity auction and other events in a cheerful mood. Future lawyers always manage to maintain academic style of festival combining both serious ideas and pleasure.