A case concerning the legal status and ownership of a parking lot

Our Dispute Resolution team successfully defends the client’s interests in a complex case, which concerns the legal status and ownership of the parking lot near a shopping and business centre in Vilnius.

Despite the fact that the courts of the first and appellate instance rejected our client’s claim for the first time, the Supreme Court of Lithuania acknowledged that the lower courts did not reveal the merits of the case and remanded the case to the court of the first instance to be reheard. The court of the first instance once again ruled against the client, but the appellate court took into account the arguments of the appeal prepared by our lawyers and remanded the case back to the court of the first instance.

Hopefully, the third time is a charm and the court will eventually rule in favor of our client. This case perfectly illustrates that sometimes our team needs to fight hard for the success of a client, even if it means going up and down the stages of the national court system several times.

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