A case regarding the validity of the real estate transfer agreement

Our Dispute Resolution team has represented a real estate management company before the Court of Appeal of Lithuania in a civil case regarding the validity of the large real estate transfer agreement.

General Prosecutor of the Republic of Lithuania issued a claim against our client and other parties involved in the disputed agreement and requested to recognize the transfer of 24 buildings, located in the territory of Vilnius International Airport, null and void.

Vilnius Regional Court partially upheld the claim and declared the disputed agreement void without restitution. This decision was appealed by both the General Prosecutor and our client. However, the Court of Appeal of Lithuania decided to reject the appeal of the General Prosecutor and to satisfy our client’s appeal. According to this court decision, all requests of General Prosecutor’s claim were rejected.

Our Dispute Resolution team of internationally acknowledged attorneys strives to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently or avoid them altogether. The lawyers are always prepared to provide strategic guidance and offer practical solutions to our clients’ challenges.

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