Dispute related to interim measures

Our team represented a well-known entrepreneur in Vilnius regional court (appellate instance) in a dispute related to interim measures.

In February 2014 Motieka & Audzevičius launched an application for interim measures and requested to forbid the opposing side from exploiting, selling or using in any other way the right of claim which it had to our client. The aforementioned requirement rights resulted from an independent work contract which formed the basis of a claim in a different case. Although the first instance court had dismissed an application for interim measures, the appellate court ruled that there was a high probability that our client’s rights could be infringed and interim measures must be applied.

Vilnius regional court ruled that in order to apply interim measures it is only necessary to prove that there is a possibility that a future court judgment could be made more difficult or could become impossible to execute. This precedent eases burden of proof for the party which applies for interim measures.


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