Financial Services & Compliance team is growing

Sigita Zavišienė

Financial Services and Compliance


We are excited to announce the growth of the Financial Services & Compliance team at Motieka & Audzevičius.

The team is led by Senior Associate Sigita Adomaitytė, being with our law firm six years and having extensive experience in authorization processes of the payment services providers and other financial companies in Lithuania and providing compliance services for financial market participants.

Another team member is Evelina Tumakova-Kuzmič. Before joining Motieka & Audzevičius was a Senior Associate in the Financial Service and AML team of another law firm and has 9 years of professional experience in investigating crimes, inter alia related to money laundering.

The main issue of the financial market participants is to be compliant with applicable regulations which are getting more stringent nowadays.

Therefore, our Financial Services & Compliance team, having work experience with and within the supervisory authority, the Bank of Lithuania, as well as and with the private clients, work on two streams:

  • tailored compliance services for the financial market participants,
  • authorization of the financial institutions.

As Sigita Adomaitytė says, the Financial Services & Compliance team appreciates long-lasting relationships with clients and provision of the compliance services by our team is an organic process after licensing of the financial services activities.

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