Motieka – a new brand of Motieka & Audzevičius

Motieka & Audzevičius is changing its brand and from now on in visual communication, it will be known as Motieka. The transformation aims to honour the memory of Kazimieras Motieka, the founder of the firm, who passed away in August 2021.

The new visual identity will be used in communication, but the name of the legal entity will remain unchanged – the professional law partnership will be called Motieka & Audzevičius. The new brand was created by the advertising agency Nuostabu.

Partner Ramūnas Audzevičius says that Kazimieras Motieka, who founded the law firm in 1959 and was highly respected in the legal profession, was and remains the standard for excellence in the legal field. Therefore, having his name in the firm’s brand represents not only a specific person but also a set of qualities that are most suitable for a lawyer.

“We are not trying to build a monument for Kazimieras – he certainly wouldn’t need that. We want the name Motieka to establish itself in the legal services market as a new generic term meaning perseverance, principle, unconventional thinking, and the courage to take risks. Taking on some of the client’s risk, or the ‘skin in the game’ principle, sets us apart from other law firms in Lithuania. In my opinion, the red colour and the simple, strict forms of the logo perfectly reflect Kazimieras’ determination to act and determination to win,” said R. Audzevičius.

According to him, although the legal world is quite conservative, many law firms are abandoning the tradition of constructing their names by combining the surnames of their most important partners or founders.

“This is impractical in communication and not very fair to other team members. We have great ambitions for resolving legal disputes in the region, and long names that are hard to pronounce in foreign markets are definitely not helpful – we have encountered this problem more than once,” R.Audzevičius said.

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