Organized discussion “The Prague Rules: New Trend in International Arbitration”

Motieka & Audzevičius organized a discussion on the pros and cons of the new Prague Rules. The conference was held on 18 October.

The rules were presented by our world-class guest speakers: the leading authority of arbitration prof. Loukas Mistelis, the “godfathers” of the Prague Rules Alexandre Khrapoutski and Vladimir Khvalei and the Dean of Vilnius University Law Faculty prof. dr. Tomas Davulis.

“Case management of international commercial disputes settled in arbitration requires new rules, suited for peculiarities of resolving international disputes in our Region. This tailored approach is featured in the Prague Rules, which, among other things, provide for a much greater role of the arbitral tribunal both as a matter of establishing the facts and the applicable law. These rules will be signed in Prague on December 14 this year. I invite all colleagues to acquaint themselves with the Rules and make use of them in their practice” – the Partner Ramūnas Audzevičius said after the conference.

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