Organized the ICC YAF Conference in Vilnius

Denis Parchajev

Motieka & Audzevičius was one of the key organizers of the ICC YAF Conference in Vilnius on Interim Measures and Security for Costs in International Arbitration.

The conference featured outstanding speakers from Paris, Moscow, London, Kiev and, of course, Vilnius. The keynote speech by Julien Fouret of Betto Seraglini was particularly impressive.

„Interim measures are a must in every practitioner’s toolbox. Yet, despite the wealth case law on the application of interim measures in litigation proceedings, the confidential nature of the arbitral proceedings limits the exposure of the awards and decisions on such preliminary issues. Therefore, practitioners frequently find themselves facing novel challenges, with little guidance on how to deal with them“ – says Senior Associate Denis Parchajev, one of the speakers at the conference.

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