Represented a public non-profit deposit system administrator

Our Dispute Resolution team has successfully represented a public non-profit deposit system administration institution Užstato Sistemos Administratorius before the District Court of Vilnius City.

The dispute arose due to standard conditions of the contract between the deposit system administrator and a claimant, a manufacturer of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. The whole deposit system unites almost 300 manufacturers and importers and only one of them claimed that the contract conditions were resulting in substantial inequality of the parties involved and accordingly, they requested that the provisions of the contract be changed. After hearing the arguments of both parties, the Court has rejected the full scope of the claim resulting in the victory of our client.

The case is important for the development of the whole deposit system of Lithuania.

Užstato Sistemos Administratorius manages the entire deposit system in Lithuania, starting with the collection of the packaging waste and ending with it being recycled.

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