Three victories in the Lithuanian Court of Appeal during one week

Our dispute resolution team achieved three victories in the Lithuanian Court of Appeal during one week.

The Kaunas Regional Court is considering a dispute between our client, the Republic of Serbia, and Alita (MG Baltic), one of the largest Lithuanian alcohol industry companies, regarding the imposition of a contractual penalty of 11’351’965 EUR. Our team persuaded the Kaunas Regional Court to oblige the respondent to submit significant written evidence. Alita and MG Baltic refused to submit the documents to the Court.

Despite the fines imposed by the court on both the company and then the director of the company, the respondent took steps to prevent the client from disclosing the content of the documents requested: (i) provided only part of the requested documents, (ii) requested that access to the documents be denied to our client.

The Kaunas Regional Court rightly rejected the respondent’s requests, but unfortunately left an error in the ruling, as it stated that the ruling on access to documents could be appealed. The Court subsequently rectified this error by making an additional ruling. As a result, the respondent submitted three separate complaints about the alleged violation of procedural rights. The Lithuanian Court of Appeal dismissed all of the respondent’s complaints and upheld the fines for failure to provide evidence. The Court also clarified that our client cannot be denied access to the evidence required. Our team continues to fight successfully.

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