Victory before the Supreme Court of Lithuania

Our team has successfully represented co-authors of a patent before the Supreme Court of Lithuania in a dispute involving request to reopen proceedings. The case is related with co-authors‘ claim against the Polish energy concern on the remuneration for the economic effect.

In the main proceedings, the co-authors were awarded 6 million EUR of royalties by the Supreme Court of Lithuania for the period of 1996-2000. Additionally, the Supreme Court of Lithuania remanded the case to the court of appeal instance to be reheard in regard to the extent of the royalties for the period of 2000-2004 and interest owed by the concern to the co-authors.
Request of the Polish energy concern raised a question of impartiality and objectivity of judges’ panel that heard the case was evaluated as a second cassation and unfounded. Therefore, the Supreme Court if Lithuania once again confirmed validity of co-authors’ claim and denied in request to reopen.

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