Prepared a review for International Arbitration 2011

Global Legal Group Ltd launched The International Comparative Legal Guide to: International Arbitration 2011. Lawyers from the leading law firms worldwide analyze the contemporary challenges for International Commercial Arbitration and efficiency in the disputes of the business entities arising from their cross-border activities. Lithuanian chapter has been prepared by Ramūnas Audzevičius and Mantas Juozaitis, firm‘s professionals with a wide experience in resolving domestic and international disputes.

As Ramūnas Audzevičius emphasizes: „Efficiency of arbitrations depends on many factors. All arbitrators should be prepared to take the lead in the processes and consider various issues related to the changes of the various institutional rules, the role of outside counsels, participation of thirds partys and other. Regularly providing advice on international judicial matters requires to be well informed on the latest developments in this field, as well to share the gained experience.”