Dispute regarding transactions

Our team has successfully represented a foreign entrepreneur in a forum shopping dispute regarding transactions before Vilnius Regional Court.

Peculiarity of the case is that the claim was nominally brought in compliance with the requirements of jurisdiction (on grounds of real property of the client in Lithuania). Nevertheless, our team succeeded to provide the Vilnius Regional Court with sufficient evidence in proof of the absence of the jurisdiction of the Court.

Upon examining the arguments of Motieka & Audzevičius, Vilnius Regional Court found that every aspect of the case (parties, the agreement, currency and language of the agreement, evidence, etc.) bears no relation to Lithuania (forum non conveniens). Consequently, the jurisdiction of the case was determined under the provisions of the international bilateral agreement and the claim was dismissed without a hearing on the merits.

The decision of the first instance court could be appealed to the Court of Appeal of Lithuania within 7 days.

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