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Henrikas Stelmokaitis

Presented an article regarding employee poaching for Concurrences

23 May 2022

Our firm’s competition practice lead Henrikas Stelmokaitis persistently educates on unfair competition and represents clients in disputes regarding employee poaching.  One of the most notable journals on competition law in Europe "Concurrences" published Henrikas’ article “The no-poaching law meets Article 101: where is the line?”

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Henrikas Stelmokaitis

Information for the Ukrainian citizens relocating to Lithuania

2 March 2022

Arriving in Lithuania

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Mantas Juozaitis

When did a dispute with the State Tax Inspectorate become a judgment on business reputation?

12 October 2021

Today, in litigation with the State Tax Inspectorate (STI), businesses encounter a lot of risks: gaining unwanted publicity and attracting the label of the scammer, losing the trust of business partners and clients, incurring financial losses, losing funding, and ultimately losing employees. All these circumstances determine why businessmen, even when being right, avoid engaging in (public) discussions with the STI and do not go to court.

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Raminta Stravinskaitė

Prepare a procedure for periodic symptom screening of COVID-19

13 September 2021

ATTENTION all manufacturing companies! Please note that as of 13 September the employees of manufacturing companies will be able to perform their work functions only after testing for COVID-19 periodically. The obligation of periodic testing will not apply to employees who have been already infected with COVID-19 or have been vaccinated.

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Evelina Tumakova-Kuzmič

Risk based approach

24 May 2021

Risk based approach means that financial institution’s actions taken to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing (ML/TF) should reflect the level of risks that the company is facing. Risk based approach is needed to allocate the resources most effectively and to ensure that the applied risk control measures are sufficient and not excessive.

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Evelina Tumakova-Kuzmič

How to improve and maintain compliance culture in financial institutions

22 March 2021

Culture in financial services is widely accepted as a key root cause of the major conduct failings that have occurred within the industry in recent history, causing harm to both consumers and markets. The above-mentioned aptly corresponds to the importance of ethical business practise and the ‘right’ culture in financial institutions.

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Dmitrij Mačiugin

Post-Brexit litigation features and recommendations for business

23 February 2021

Since January 1st, 2021 the Brexit transition period completely ended. For the business and private subjects of Lithuania, it means that before filing the claim/complaint against a UK subject or negotiating with it over the terms of a future contract it is essential to be aware of the new post-Brexit legal landscape.

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