Final decision in a long-lasting IP case

Our Dispute Resolution team has successfully represented co-authors of a patent before the Supreme Court of Lithuania. The dispute involved the co-authors’ claim against the Polish energy concern on the remuneration for the economic effect, which the concern received during the period of 1996–2010 by using the patent.

The whole dispute, which was finally decided by the February 2019 ruling of the Supreme Court, lasted for more than 16 years and demanded 6 rulings of the Supreme Court, 6 acts of the Court of Appeals and 5 acts of district courts.

The case at hand was remanded to the Court of Appeal of Lithuania to be reheard by the Supreme Court of Lithuania twice. Hearing the case for the third time the Supreme Court affirmed, that the Court of Appeal of Lithuania lawfully concluded that the Polish energy concern unlawfully withheld remuneration whilst gaining profit from using the Invention at the question, thus awarding the co-authors the remaining claimed sums owed by the concern.

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