A great victory in an audiovisual media law case before the Supreme Administrative Court

Our team has once again successfully represented a client providing media services, who contested the Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission‘s (LRTC) decision. The LRTC had adapted restrictions on the broadcasting of a television programme in the Republic of Lithuania. The main issue of the case was conformity of application of national legislation with the provisions of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive.

After an oral hearing, the extended panel of Supreme Administrative Court’s judges, forming a completely new case law, stated that the Client has the right to contest the LRTC’s decisions pro forma addressed to Lithuanian re-broadcasters. The Court acknowledged EU-established Client’s rights to benefit from the AVMSD and freedom of movement of services.

The court decision brings great clarity into further operation of any non-national provider of audiovisual media services and makes Lithuania a more competitive market in the EU.

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