Represented a client in a case regarding state land plot

Our Dispute Resolution team represented a client in a case against the National Land Service under the Ministry of Agriculture regarding the return of almost 40 ares of state land plot to the state. The client sought to defend his right to the lease of this land plot and to the management of the parking lot (situated in this plot), while the National Land Service sough to annul the detailed plan in effect and the contract with the client on the lease of the land plot and to return the land plot to the persons whom this land plot was taken from during the nationalisation.

The Court of Appeal of Lithuania adopted a judgement dismissing the claim of the National Land Service and left the lease of the disputed land plot in the hands of the client. This ruling of the appeal court put an end to the disputes on the legalisation of the client-managed parking lot and on the lease of the disputed land plot, thereby fully protecting the client‘s property rights to the structures and to the lease of the state land for the operation thereof.

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