Represented a safe printing company before the Court of Appeal

The claim of the only rival of our client – one of the major safe printing companies in the Baltic States –  in public procurement was dismissed. The Court of Appeal affirmed the decision of the Vilnius Regional Court.

That  ruling to leave the first decision unchanged gave an opportunity to compete with the rival in new competition and offer the most  competitive offer. It  is worth mentioning that the claimant requested that the decision of the contracting authority to terminate the official license  plate procurement procedures should be recognised as unlawful and that the contracting authority should be obliged to continue the procurement.

The  satisfaction of the claim in the given case would have enabled the only  rival of our client to retain its monopoly in the official license plate supply market. For this reason, dismissing a claim laid the groundwork for the announcement of a new official license plate procurement procedure and for making  the market open for competition – according to the newly formed procurement conditions, our client’s rival will no longer have the ability to rely on exclusive patent rights.

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