Successfully represented the client in the 3,3 million EUR dispute

Our dispute resolution team successfully represented the client (one of the largest construction companies in Lithuania) in the 3,3 million EUR dispute.

We won the case both in the Kaunas Regional Court and the Court of Appeal of the Republic of Lithuania.

The case involved the biggest ongoing railways project in Baltic states – the reconstruction of railways Rail Baltica. Our client has been executing a part of this project with his two former partners (also major construction companies in the market at the time). The project value exceeded 70 million EUR.

The dispute arose after one of the client‘s partners refused to remunerate for a part of the client‘s works performed in the project. The value of works exceeded 2 800 000 EUR.

The case itself involved problematic legal aspects regarding joint venture legal relations, especially those arising after one of the joint venture partners goes bankrupt.

Our team provided a wide range of evidence and arguments confirming our client’s right to receive 2 800 000 EUR payment. Courts of both instances upheld our position and awarded our client with compensation for the damage that exceeded 2 800 000 EUR and interest – nearly 500 000 EUR.

We ensured the client’s interest protection not only in the litigation phase but also in the enforcement proceedings of the judgment. Enforcement proceedings took place in another EU jurisdiction.

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