The main internal concerns of law firms during tough times

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The past two years have brought about tectonic shifts across all industries, business sectors, and economies. Adapting to the ever-changing concept of a “new normal” became an everyday task, and law firms were no exception.

What were the main internal concerns the firm had to address regarding your team in the past few years (2020-2022) – asked CEE Legal Matters.

Partner Rokas Jankus shared his insights on how our law firm has held these challenging times.

“The main focus was managing the well-being of team members during these unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic and war in Ukraine,” said Rokas Jankus. “In particular, our key focus was removing any uncertainties which could arise for the team regarding the pipeline of new projects, tackling issues with remote work, and similar. Other than that, internally, the system seems to work properly, and we can proudly say there is very little change in team members,” he shares.

Motieka & Audzevičius, according to R. Jankus, was also facing internal challenges. “We approached all employees to ensure they remain ambitious, safe, and efficient. However, it is easier to deal with long-time team members as their moods, expectations, and fears are known thanks to working together for some time,” he explains. On the other hand, he reports newer team members required “more involvement” to be fully integrated into the team structure. This meant that the firm’s “main task was to make sure that new employees feel a sense of belonging and being part of a team, a family,” he explains.

“We plan on continuing our practices for as long as they remain relevant,” Jankus says of Motieka & Audzevicius. “Keeping up with the global pace is in our DNA, and any decisions which could impact our team are consistently being reconsidered.”

The full article can be read in CEE Legal Matters.

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