The newly established Kazimieras Motieka Fund will support young talents

With the unfortunate passing of Kazimieras Motieka, partners of Motieka & Audzevičius decided to set up a fund in his name and honor – the Kazimieras Motieka Fund. The main goal of Kazimieras Motieka Fund is to support young talents in the fields of science and arts.

“K.Motieka was an exceptional personality who taught us leadership and stubbornness. At the beginning of September, after saying goodbye to our long-term partner and the founder of the firm, we decided to establish a fund in his memory, which would help the most talented law and art students to reach professional heights. Law and art were the two passions of K.Motieka, to whom he devoted a large part of his life” said Ramūnas Audzevičius, a partner of Motieka & Audzevičius.

From the beginning of the 2023 academic year, the fund will award scholarships to doctoral students of the Faculty of Law of Vilnius University and the Law School of Mykolas Romeris University. The authors of the best dissertations will be selected by the panel of legal professionals according to pre-established criteria.

“Kazimieras Motieka had been the chairman of the Vilnius University Council for many years and had significantly contributed to the changes in the university during the transformation period. We hope that the new initiative to establish the Kazimieras Motieka Found will open the way for new possibilities” said the Rector of Vilnius University Prof. Rimvydas Petrauskas.

Another scholarship of the Kazimieras Motieka Found will be awarded to students of music performing arts at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater. Scholarships for young musicians will be awarded at the Academy through a competition with a public performance. “Encouraging young talents is a beautiful initiative of Kazimieras Motieka Found, which will provide another opportunity for our students to test their readiness and reveal their artistic abilities. Such attention motivates to improve, creates better conditions for young musicians to prepare for the big stages and to glorify Lithuania’s name in the world” said Rector Assoc. dr. Judita Žukienė.

“Love your native cradle Lithuania. Grow the minds of the nation for work, govern and defend the needs of Lithuania to make it a safe, prosperous and good place to live for everyone. <…> Be energetic, courageous, intelligent and fair creators of Lithuania.” These words of K.Motieka, said in 1991 addressing the youth of Lithuania, will become the slogan of the Kazimieras Motieka Fund.

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