Assisted the client to legitimate interest to process data from the Real Estate Register

Our business law firm played a pivotal role in assisting the client engaged in sale and purchase, surety, and loan agreements with its clients. Understanding the significance of assessing clients’ financial situations and evaluating potential risks, our firm provided comprehensive legal guidance throughout the process.

Given that the company processed data in the Real Estate Register based on legitimate interest, our Data Protection team collaborated closely with the company to draft a meticulous application to the Registry Centre. This application outlined the purpose and scope of data access while ensuring strict compliance with data protection regulations and privacy rights. By working hand in hand with the company, we conducted a legitimate interest test to ascertain that the company’s interest in accessing the register was well-founded and balanced against the privacy rights of the individuals involved.

Our firm’s expertise in data protection and legal compliance ensured that the company’s approach to accessing the Real Estate Register was responsible, ethical, and in line with the highest legal standards.

The company was able to leverage the invaluable insights obtained from the Real Estate Register to make well-informed decisions regarding its financial transactions. By accessing the comprehensive financial data of its clients, the company could better evaluate its capacity to fulfill its obligations in the agreements.

Our assistance in the application process and legitimate interest test not only ensured the company’s compliance with legal requirements but also bolstered trust between the company and its clients. As a result of our firm’s support, the company could navigate the complexities of data access, mitigate potential risks, and foster a transparent and responsible business environment.

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