Reviewed client’s compliance in the realms of IT and data protection

As a contributor to the due diligence process of Vet Ventures Europe, a joint venture of BaltCap Growth Fund and IAM PetCare Growth Fund, our Data Protection team took a proactive stance in evaluating the company’s compliance in the realms of IT and data protection. To conduct a thorough analysis, we diligently gathered and scrutinized a wide array of relevant data protection documents, including information on technical and organizational measures, data security protocols, data protection concepts, IT-systems details, data processing activities, and records of any prior data breaches. Our approach enabled us to provide a comprehensive assessment of the company’s GDPR compliance, identifying any areas of non-compliance that required rectification.

Furthermore, our expertise proved instrumental in evaluating the company’s IT infrastructure and data protection mechanisms and identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities. Our in-depth analysis assisted the client in recognizing and addressing critical IT security gaps, ensuring robust data protection practices were in place. By collaborating closely with the client, we facilitated an open dialogue on best practices and tailor-made solutions to bolster their IT and data protection frameworks.

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