Helped Orion Leasing with data protection issues

As Orion Leasing continues to grow and receives more and more leasing applications from customers every day, we help the company with day-to-day data protection issues.

Our Data Protection experts assisted the company concerning obtaining customers’ consent for the processing of personal data. Upon careful evaluation, our team has identified that the consent form the company was using was not in compliance with GDPR regulations. We promptly communicated the inadequacies of the existing form to the client, explaining the reasons why it fell short of the necessary requirements. Recognizing the criticality of GDPR compliance in safeguarding customer data, we have swiftly prepared a GDPR-compliant consent form tailored to the company’s specific data processing activities. This new form served as a robust legal instrument, ensuring that customers’ consent was obtained accurately, transparently, and in full accordance with GDPR standards.

We also took an additional step to review the client’s website in terms of GDPR transparency requirements. Identifying areas that required enhancement, our lawyers have provided comprehensive observations and pragmatic suggestions to enhance GDPR compliance.

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