OMG Bubble Tea secured EUR 2.1 million from Akola Group

Startup company OMG Bubble Tea secured EUR 2.1 million from Akola Group and its management, who personally went for skin-in-the-game. It has already been quite a journey with Akola Group but it is fascinating to contribute once more. It’s yet another venture with Akola, but this deal was not just another acquisition; it was about the visionary outlook of our client together with the founders’ team, creating a synergy that promises to catapult the brand to new heights in the global market.

The founding team behind OMG Bubble Tea was already robust – our thorough due diligence confirmed this – demonstrating strong potential even before Akola’s involvement. With the Akola Group now on board, the path ahead is paved with nothing but promising opportunities for success.

Our Corporate and M&A team’s involvement in this transaction was comprehensive, encompassing due diligence, negotiation, and the structuring of the acquisition to ensure alignment with our client’s strategic objectives and compliance with regulatory requirements. Leveraging our deep expertise in mergers and acquisitions, we navigated the deal’s complexities, addressing potential challenges and optimizing the transaction structure to maximize value and minimize risk for our client.

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