Ownership of fertilizers confirmed

At the end of the marathon of 18 hearings, after analyzing more than 20 thousand pages of the case materials, the Vilnius District Court has granted a 34-pages judgment dismissing the claim in its entirety!

Our Dispute Resolution team succeeded in convincing the court that:

  • the fertilizer in the territory of the enterprise in bankruptcy always belonged to the client;
  • the client did not infringe the sanctions imposed by the bailiff when disposing of his assets in the territory of the enterprise in bankruptcy;
  • there is no reason to declare the contracts concluded between the client and the enterprise in bankruptcy invalid;
  • the client could enter into purchase-sale transactions for fertilizers belonging to third parties but located in the territory of the enterprise in bankruptcy.

This is an important step when protecting client’s interests in other cases related to the illegal retention of the title to the fertilizers alleging that the title belongs to the debtor, not the client.

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