Problemic aspects of applying res judicata in international arbitration

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Partner Ramūnas Audzevičius and associate Denis Parchajev contributed an article “Problemic aspects of applying res judicata in international arbitration” for the annual arbitration law journal of Lithuania “Arbitražas. Teorija ir praktika 2016”.

The article analyses issues related to the application of res judicata in International Arbitration. Wide-spread recognition of res judicata has resulted in prevalent use of this principle in cases with an international element. However, as established on the basis of examining judicial and arbitral jurisprudence, res judicata is interpreted rather differently in various jurisdictions, and, accordingly, the effects of previous judgments and awards differ depending on the law adopted by the tribunal. Especially significant differences are observed when comparing res judicata, as it is applied in civil and common law countries.

For further information please read the full article (in Lithuanian).


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