Provided consultation on the intricate employees dismissals

Our Employment law team provided ongoing advice and support to the TOP 3 largest manufacturer of building paints in Europe, DAW Lietuva, on the intricate matters surrounding employees dismissals. Understanding the sensitivity and complexity of such situations, we conducted a thorough analysis of the circumstances and relevant legal frameworks.

Our team provided valuable assistance to the client in drafting the notice on the implementation of the employee’s performance improvement plan, carefully highlighting areas where the employee had not achieved the desired results. Our focus on fairness and transparency allowed the client to address performance concerns effectively.

Additionally, when it came to navigating the potential outcome of dismissal, we offered our expertise in drafting essential documents such as the dismissal notice. This notice was crafted to meet all legal requirements, providing a precise explanation for the termination while minimizing potential legal risks.

In cases where the client and the employee were open to negotiations, we also assisted in drafting agreements for the termination of the employment contract. Our approach prioritized achieving an amicable resolution, safeguarding the interests of both parties and reducing the possibility of contentious legal disputes.

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