Provided consultation to Tavo mokykla, focusing on IT and data protection

During the crucial due diligence process, our law firm provided expert consultation and guidance to Tavo mokykla, focusing on the IT and data protection sectors.

Our data protection experts conducted a comprehensive assessment, identifying potential risks associated with the business acquisition, as well as potential obstacles that could arise post-completion. Throughout the due diligence, we took into account the broader transaction context and specific aspects of the business, including its unique business model, relevant laws, and the nature of the transaction sectors. Our thorough analysis encompassed a range of critical factors to ensure a comprehensive evaluation.

As part of our in-depth evaluation, we reviewed the privacy and IT practices of the target business. Once gaps and vulnerabilities were identified, our team promptly assessed their potential impact on the client’s operations and overall business objectives. Drawing upon our expertise, we proposed suitable actions and measures to address the identified gaps effectively.

We helped the client navigate the complexities of the due diligence process, empowering them to make informed decisions and mitigate potential risks, ultimately facilitating successful acquisition.

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