Provided employment law compliance services

Our business law firm provides comprehensive support to our client on various employment law issues, ensuring smooth and compliant operations.

To address the unique challenges of an annualised working-time arrangement, we crafted work rules that clarified the company’s work processes, minimizing potential conflicts and promoting productivity. By customizing the work rules to suit the client’s specific requirements and in accordance with labor regulations, we facilitated an organized work environment that ensured a harmonious employer-employee relationship.

Additionally, we assisted the client by drafting a standard employment contract that provided the essential terms and conditions while safeguarding the client’s interests and legal rights.

Furthermore, we provided crucial advice on safety during workation. By identifying potential risks and offering proactive measures, we helped the client protect employees’ well-being while ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

Our forward-thinking approach allowed the client to address emerging work-related challenges, fostering a sense of security and support among their workforce.

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