Provided guidance on all aspects of employment law

As the trusted legal advisors for our long-term client LOTOS Geonafta, we provide comprehensive guidance on all aspects of employment law, ensuring compliance with the ever-evolving regulations. Our expert team takes a proactive approach, regularly advising the client on various employment law matters to address potential issues. From crafting legally sound employment contracts and teleworking procedures to drafting various essential orders, our responsibility extends to delivering a wide range of employment law documents tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Furthermore, we go beyond document creation and actively support the client in evaluating the compliance of their existing employment law documents with the latest requirements of the Labour Code. Our review process ensures that the client’s policies, contracts, and procedures align with the most up-to-date legal standards. By identifying any gaps or areas that may require modification, we empower the client to maintain a legally compliant work environment. With our dedicated assistance, the client can be assured that their employment practices are in full adherence to the prevailing labor laws, mitigating potential legal risks and enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their HR practices.

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