The 2nd Edition of Arbitration in Lithuania is online

arbitration in Lithuania

The 2nd Edition of Arbitration in Lithuania is the only comprehensive report on Lithuanian arbitration law and practice in English.

What’s new in the 2nd Edition:

  • Latest updates to the Lithuanian arbitration law;
  • Latest arbitration case law of the Supreme Court of Lithuania and the Court of Appeal;
  • Comprehensive overview of Lithuanian investor-state arbitration practice;
  • Overview of mediation and construction arbitration.

Following the research, could be summarized that:

  • Lithuania has a growing body of case law on arbitration and arbitration related proceedings;
  • Public policy plays even more role when applying the New York Convention;
  • Predictability of court decisions related to arbitration has decreased.

Being an effective way to solve disputes, arbitration is still a complex process comprising of various procedural principles, rules and regulations. Lithuanian arbitration practice is no exception. There is always a need for authoritative and up-to-date literature on arbitration. Therefore, this report is a necessary tool for both international users and Lithuanian users with information on Lithuanian arbitration law and practice.

This report provides comprehensive practical guidance to arbitration practitioners and in-house counsel on how to conduct arbitrations and arbitration-related proceedings in Lithuania. It provides guidance on how to navigate all the practical aspects of any kind of arbitration in Lithuania. Whether a dispute involves shareholder disputes, trade, sports, investment, or any of the other area, arbitrators and parties will find all the information and guidance they need in this report.

This report also draws on Lithuania’s growing body of case law on arbitration, which substantially enhances reliability and predictability for foreign parties. This report is therefore valuable for anyone wishing to understand Lithuanian arbitration proceedings.

The report is available here.

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