Advised Eika Asset Management on GDPR compliance

Our Data Protection lawyers have been advising the investment management company Eika Asset Management throughout the entire journey towards GDPR compliance. Eika Asset Management is known in the market as an investment management professional with more than 15 years of experience in commercial and residential real estate development.

We have provided the client with GDPR audit, assessment, and implementation services. Our team has conducted a GDPR audit to (i) ensure that appropriate policies and procedures are in place; (ii) verify that our client follows these procedures and policies; (iii)  test the adequacy of controls in place; (iv) detect breaches or potential breaches of compliance; and (v)  recommend any required changes. Following the completion of the audit, we presented observations and findings that focused on the areas of weaknesses and greatest risks of the company as well as priority-rated recommendations to address the weaknesses and risks.

Based on a previously conducted audit, we developed the documentation consisting of 17 different GDPR documents and fully adapted it to the client’s that operates in the financial sector needs. While drafting the documentation, we ensured that it complied not only with the GDPR but also with the requirements of the Law on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, the Bank of Lithuania’s resolutions and other relevant legal acts. As a result, the procedures and policies we created reflected the processes taking place within the company.

By working closely with the client throughout the whole process, we were able to gain a deeper insight into the specifics of the financial sector in the context of GDPR.

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