Marius Jakulis Jason controlled AAA Capital has received merger clearance to acquire Medicinos bankas

Competition Council has issued merger clearance for Marius Jakulis Jason via UAB AAA capital to acquire Medicinos bankas.

Medicinos bankas is a Lithuanian-based bank, operating for almost 30 years. It has more than 40 branches in the country. The bank is a profitable and efficient financial institution that has become a trusted financial partner for small and medium-sized businesses, farmers and situations where fast and flexible financial decisions are required.

Our team has drafted the merger notification, represented the acquirer in the merger control procedures with the Competition Council and assured the success of the process by being granted the unconditional merger clearance.

“When investing in businesses, our team’s strategy is always focused on sustainable, long-term business growth and the creation of appropriate returns for shareholders. We will follow these principles when investing in Medicinos bankas. We will present the business strategy in more detail after receiving the approval of the regulatory authorities” – noted Marius Jakulis Jason.

Our team will continue to advise on the transaction and hopes to lead it to successful closing after other pending mandatory regulatory approvals are received.

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