Competition Law

Our team is one of the strongest in the field of competition law. We have extensive experience in dealing with cases covered by both Lithuanian and EU competition law. We work on projects of strategic importance in the national market, and we have also earned an excellent reputation for advising on complex cross-border issues related to competition law infringements, such as cartel agreements. This experience is very helpful when searching for the most suitable solutions.

Why us

Our experts are ready to help you in various issues: from compliance with legal requirements to lawful cooperation with competitors or improving the business position in the market. We draft complaints, company’s internal documents and procedures, contracts, and we also represent clients in state institutions and maintain mutual relations. If unfair or unreasonable terms are applied to your business, or cartel agreements are being imposed on you, we can help you.

Our creative, flexible and innovative solutions in various situations come from extensive experience in handling competition cases. Maintaining contacts with state institutions allows us to establish a dialogue with officials, which prevents the development of further legal problems.

When it comes to protection of clients from unfounded accusations by competitors or misinterpretation of rules of the EU institutions – we are ready. We consult on various issues, including cartel agreements, prohibited vertical agreements, the market, its analysis, and Lithuanian and EU regulation.

How we can help you

Our services: we draft reports and notifications for state institutions and solve problems related to abuse of dominant position, prohibited vertical agreements, merger control and unfair competition. Being skilled in compliance, it is easy for us to identify possible n abuse of dominant position, cartel agreements, other restriction of competition cases. We perform inspections and determine whether competition law and other requirements of public law are properly implemented in commercial activities.

While many of the key principles of competition law are applied regardless of the sector, our team tailors solutions to the specifics of a client’s business and industry and we take into account the risks in the respective field. We advise on legal regulation not only in the local market, but also in other jurisdictions, as more and more companies operate globally, and compliance with the law is becoming necessary to remain competitive and save costs. Our lawyers regularly help to prepare for unexpected inspections by institutions.

  • Compliance with competition law requirements. Our team advises on compliance and helps companies effectively and creatively enforce related processes to avoid infringements, prohibited vertical agreements or cartels, abuses of dominant position and unfair competition. Understanding of psychology and behavioural patterns prevailing in the public sector is a unique competitive advantage of our team. It helps us find solutions that others do not notice.
  • Infringements of competition law. We have experience in resolving disputes relating to competition law: regarding the compensation of damages arising from infringements of competition law, cartel agreements, prohibited vertical agreements, mergers and infringements thereof, abuse of a dominant position, unfair competition. We represent clients in investigations conducted by state institutions and in courts. We also conduct internal investigations into compliance with competition law, provide regular consultations on communication with competition authorities and represent clients in relations with them. Our experience in Lithuanian and international cases allows the team to develop strategies that take into account issues arising from differences in procedures and practices across jurisdictions. We monitor the latest developments and respond to them quickly with appropriate solutions.

Entrust optimal solutions to those who win even unprecedented disputes: contact us now.

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