Prepared a privacy notice for DAW Lietuva

Our Data Protection team prepared a privacy notice for the employees of the third-largest manufacturer of building paints in Europe, DAW Lietuva, which operates across all Baltic countries. Collaborating closely with the company’s employees, our team has gained a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s unique workforce and data handling processes.

Our team drafted privacy notices tailored to the individual requirements and legal nuances of each Baltic country while ensuring consistency across all branches to uphold the company’s unified approach to data protection.

In conjunction with preparing the privacy notice, our team has prepared comprehensive employee consent forms for data processing for various purposes (promoting the company’s activities, ensuring the publicity and transparency of the company’s activities, planning the employees’ careers, etc.).

Understanding the critical importance of obtaining explicit and informed consent from employees for data processing activities, we have designed consent forms that outline the purposes and scope of data processing, the categories of personal data involved, and the rights of the employees regarding their data.

By ensuring full transparency and clarity in these consent forms, we have empowered the client to establish a robust legal foundation for data processing activities while instilling confidence in their employees regarding the handling of their personal information.

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