Published the book on international investment law and arbitration in the Baltics

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Associate Rimantas Daujotas has had the first book in the Baltics on international investment law and arbitration published.

Rimantas Daujotas, who is also a PhD scholar supervised by Prof. Loukas Mistelis at Queen Mary University in London, has written a comprehensive monograph on international investment law and arbitration covering topics on the origins and sources of international investment law, interpretation of investment treaties, the main jurisdictional aspects of an investor-state tribunal, standards and guarantees of investors’ protection, and the main aspects of the investor-state disputes.

This is the first book on international investment law and arbitration in the Baltic region. The book, written in the Lithuanian language, is now freely available online here.

In the monograph Rimantas states that there was a clear need for a comprehensive explanation of the main principles and practice of investor-state tribunals in Lithuanian legal doctrine. In particular, just recently the main courts of Lithuania, i.e. the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Lithuania were asked to examine complex international arbitration awards (L. Bosca v Lithuania and Gazprom v Lithuania disputes) for the first time in Lithuanian legal history and had arrived at divergent views as to the enforcement of such awards. Rimantas hopes that his monograph will serve as a useful source of the practice that has been developed so far in international investment disputes and will be useful for the Courts, practitioners and students interested in international investment law.

Rimantas is currently working on an investor-state related thesis at Queen Mary’s School of International arbitration. In his capacity as a visiting scholar, Rimantas was invited to Columbia Law School in New York under the supervision of Prof. George A. Bermann in 2014 and the National University of Singapore in 2015 under the supervision of Prof. Muthucumaraswamy Sornarajah. He also lectures WTO law at KSU University in Vilnius.

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