Represented a real estate developer regarding obligation to compensate for the investments

Our team has successfully represented a real estate developer in a dispute regarding the client’s obligation to compensate for the investments made by the former tenant.

The dispute arose after our client successfully participated in the municipal property auction and purchased a historic building situated in the Old Town of Vilnius. However, the former tenant of the building refused to move from his previously used premises and initiated a civil case against our client demanding award compensation for the investments he made for the building over a period of 20 years.

The claimant’s claim was rejected by the first instance court. The court agreed with all our arguments and decided that our client has no obligation to compensate the claimant for any investment made before the auction of the building. In order to annul this decision, the claimant appealed to the appellate court. However, the claimant’s appeal was dismissed and the decision of the first instance court remained unchanged.

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