Represented an urban infrastructure development company

Our team has pleaded the interests of the leading Lithuanian company engaged in urban infrastructure and transportation development in a dispute with a local branch of the global technology company before Vilnius District Court.

The client has claimed to reimburse the damages and forfeits caused resulting from the counterparty’s actions. The claim has been grounded on the agreement among four companies to compose a consortium as a temporal voluntary partnership where the parties agreed to cooperate for the united activity. According to the agreement all partners were obliged to participate in the activity for fulfilling the works under won public tender and sub-contracting agreement’s clauses without possibility to secede except the uncontrolled circumstances. After winning the public tender to arrange the automatic transport management system of the capital the defendant has executed the contractual obligations unduly and terminated the agreement unfounded despite of that the works have not been finished. As a result, the claimant and the third parties have suffered losses and requested them to be reimbursed by the defendant.

Vilnius District Court satisfied the client’s claim and obliged the counterparty to reimburse the damages in size of LTL 35 million with the litigation expenses and the interests agreeably to the reimbursement. The fine equal to LTL 15 million, litigation expenses and interest at 7.9 percent annual rate have been adjudged to the third party as well.

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