When did a dispute with the State Tax Inspectorate become a judgment on business reputation?

tax dispute

Today, in litigation with the State Tax Inspectorate (STI), businesses encounter a lot of risks: gaining unwanted publicity and attracting the label of the scammer, losing the trust of business partners and clients, incurring financial losses, losing funding, and ultimately losing employees. All these circumstances determine why businessmen, even when being right, avoid engaging in (public) discussions with the STI and do not go to court.

In addition, the STI publishes victorious statistics, which state that tax administrators win about 96-97% of all disputes.

But do these statistics really correspond to reality?

If we look only at the experience of our firm, the math is different: only about 1 of 6 potential disputes go to court or the Tax Disputes Commission.

So how does the STI get such numbers and why? Tax law expert Mantas Juozaitis presents his version (in Lithuanian only).

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