Our team of bright and sharp-minded tax litigation experts are ready to provide you with the best outcome in every phase of a tax dispute. Whether the transaction is still being planned or currently being processed, we are available for consultation, helping you decide on the best strategies to prevent a tax dispute or to strengthen your position if the dispute is inevitable.



 Highest quality

  •  Specialised team. Our team includes two taxation experts, who work exclusively with tax issues, along with a wide range of specialists in sectors such as corporate law, white-collar crimes or Fintech, while also collaborating in taxation matters.
  • Internationally recognized competencies. For many years, the expertise of our team has been internationally recognised by Legal 500, Tax Directors Handbook, ITR World Tax and other leading legal international directories.
  • Exceptional specialised knowledge. Our highly qualified team have gained their credentials through various top universities such as Georgetown University (USA), Maastricht University (Netherlands), King’s College (UK), Radboud University (Netherlands), Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and the University of London (UK).
  • The whole range of taxation. We deal with all taxation issues, from domestic and cross-border direct taxation to VAT and customs duties.

Solid experience 

  • Taxation of the digital economy. Digital business is the fastest growing business, and we are deeply involved in this area.  Our client portfolio consists of various start-up companies who require tax structuring and advice, as well as booming digital businesses facing tax disputes or who need to keep their tax practices up to date and aligned with the ever-evolving tax environment.
  • International trade. We are proud to be the first choice of the major commodity traders in the Baltic region whenever they need assistance with their taxation matters.  Our client base includes most of the region’s biggest agro-businesses.
  • International tax disputes. As we interact closely with foreign tax experts, we are in the unique position of being able to provide comprehensive support for any cross-border tax matters, whether the issue involves settling a dispute or offering professional advice.  All our expert consultants have the advantage of foreign education and continue to cooperate with internationally acclaimed tax academics, with the insight and experience to provide an expert opinion on any tax-related issue.

Contribution to the tax development

  •  Creation of the new case-law. When required, we can create a new case-law in tax disputes. In several cases, we have proved that Lithuania failed to properly implement the EU VAT directive and that the court had ignored national legislation in favour of the EU legal act.
  • Shaping a public opinion on the tax issues. We are an active contributing member of the Lithuanian Bar Association’s Tax Committee, a role that enables us to share our experience with other tax experts and shape the position of all Lithuanian lawyers in relation to tax issues.
  • Participating in the legislative process. We consistently and successfully act on behalf of our clients, voicing their concerns and suggesting improvements of the tax system through the Lithuanian Bar Association and through direct proposals for legislation.



We work hard to fully understand our client’s situation, their underlying thought process, and overall goals as a starting point. This way, we can offer a tailored approach rather than a generic “quick fix”, delivering solutions that will benefit the client for many years to come.

Even the best advice can be ineffective if it is not implemented correctly. We, therefore, strive to build a long-term partnership with every client, so we can provide consistent taxation support and monitoring.

Our services include:

  • Representation in tax disputes with the State Tax Inspectorate or Customs Authorities
  • Representation in all types of tax investigations
  • Negotiations before and during the tax dispute
  • Tax consultations
  • Tax planning
  • Tax due diligence
  • Support in matters of financial licensing, KYC, AML procedures
  • Support in corporate transactions and restructuring
  • Transfer pricing documentation

Experience Highlights