We specialise and have built an excellent reputation in tax controversies and litigation. Our team regularly develops and negotiates successful resolutions in administrative processes in various substantive matters, ranging from domestic and cross-border direct taxation to VAT and customs duties. We deliver successful outcomes for the taxpayers through settlement or minimizing the score of disputes, resolving them cost-effectively, and litigating, if necessary.

When negotiating with tax authorities you are up against the creature with a financial strength of the whole country, human resources hundred times exceeding yours, flexibility of a rock and the power to change rules of the game at any moment. Therefore, we have a dedicated team for Tax negotiations. They understand the thinking of a state and this allows them to correctly project your expectations and shape your behavior even before you consider negotiating. They have significant experience in dealing with the taxman, both at the central and local levels. This allows them to understand how far the authorities may go at the negotiations table and reach the best possible solution.

A good track record allows our team to make reasonable predictions as to the outcome of the negotiations or the outcome of the dispute if no compromise is reached. For you this allows to predict the financial impact of a chosen path.

Our law firm understands the time, cost and reputational risks of litigation. We collaborate across borders and specialties to stay ahead of the changing tax laws, practices and dispute resolution techniques. Our tax lawyers in Lithuania closely follow the developments in the industries in which our clients operate, covering such fields as entertainment, energy, pharma & biotechnology and more. This allows us to deliver clear and practical solutions to the tax issues that our clients face.

We offer legal expertise in various taxation areas:

  • Real Estate Tax
  • Personal Income Tax
  • Corporate Income Tax
  • Cross-border Taxation
  • VAT
  • Customs Duties
  • Tax Investigations & Inquiries

We have strong working relationships with domestic tax authorities to help our clients resolve tax issues. Motieka & Audzevičius law firm prides itself on having skilled tax lawyers in Lithuania that provide a maximum level of comfort to our clients during tax investigations.

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