Akola Group invested into start-up Brite which produces natural nootropic drinks

In a strategic move that underscores its commitment to innovation, Akola Group has invested in Brite, a start-up poised to revolutionize the natural nootropic drinks market. We are honoured to assist Akola Group with its second investment in the drinks industry.

Brite stands out for its pioneering approach to leveraging natural nootropics to craft drinks that support both mind and body wellness. This investment from Akola Group is a strong endorsement of Brite’s vision and potential, setting the stage for the brand to expand its reach and impact in the health-conscious consumer market.

Our role in this deal encompassed due diligence, negotiations, and securing a partnership that aligns with Akola Group’s vision for promoting sustainable and innovative solutions. This venture is a testament to Akola Group’s strategy of backing companies that are not only profitable but also purpose-driven.

This partnership promises to accelerate Brite’s growth, enabling the company to scale operations and enhance its product offerings. For Akola Group, it represents a valuable addition to its investment portfolio, emphasizing its role as a catalyst for innovation in the drinks sector.


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