Represented a major wine producer against trademark infringers

Our team, together with its Russian partners, secured a paramount victory in Kabardino-Balkar Arbitration (commercial) Court for a major wine producer against trademark infringers. The victory came despite the attempts by trademark infringers to use their influence in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic region where the case was heard, and despite them employing numerous dilatory tactics.

The Court inter alia:

  • Ordered the trademark infringers to stop violating the exclusive rights of the client to the trademarks in question. Namely, the Court prohibited any use of such trademarks, including use of any confusingly similar markings, including the production and supply of products, produced by the trademark infringers.
  • The Court also ordered all counterfeit products to be confiscated and destroyed at the expense of the trademark infringers.
  • The Court ordered the trademark infringers to pay sizeable compensation to the client for the trademark violations.

The decision will set a very strong precedent that could be used in future cases of trademark violations and help combat wine counterfeiting, especially in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic region.

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