A gruelling victory in a US default judgment recognition case

Motieka & Audzevičius Dispute Resolution team achieved a tough victory in the recognition and enforcement case pertaining to a default US court judgment.

The recognising court examined two essential issues: (i) whether the debtors were properly and timely informed of the US lawsuit, and (ii) whether the US court judgment violated public policy enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania.

After 6 remote court hearings and an entire marathon of cross-examining witnesses from Belarus, Germany and the US, our team managed to convince the Lithuanian Court of Appeal that the debtors were not only properly informed about the US proceedings, but also had access to all remedies afforded by the local law. The recognising court also agreed with all the arguments of our team that the US court judgment was duly reasoned in accordance with the applicable US law, and does not violate the public policy of the Republic of Lithuania.

The Lithuanian Court of Appeal recognised and allowed the enforcement of the US court judgment in the territory of Lithuania.

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