Insolvency Solutions

Insolvency, restructuring of companies and bankruptcy

Our experienced professionals advise debtors, creditors and other concerned parties on relevant insolvency issues. Team experts prefer handling insolvency related issues by negotiation, seeking to maintain the client’s and business partner’s relations. We are focused on solutions that create added value to the client; therefore, we can develop individual insolvency solution plans and take care of their proper implementation, as well as represent the client’s interests in all dispute settlement authorities both at national and international level.

Our commitment and a proactive approach to finding the best solutions for the client have been recognised in the most complex major bankruptcy proceedings of financial institutions.

We provide the following services:

  • Negotiations with business partners on solvency issues and with creditors having opened insolvency proceedings;
  • Protection of the creditors’ rights and interests, representation of creditors in insolvency proceedings at court;
  • The restructuring process (restructuring feasibility study, development of a draft plan, preparation of the essential procedural documents, preparation of a claim on restructuring to the court, consultations and representation during the restructuring process, monitoring of the implementation of the plan);
  • Bankruptcy proceedings (assessment of the company’s (in)solvency, evaluation of the option of out-of-court bankruptcy proceedings, performance of the required procedural actions and preparation of documents, preparation of a claim to the court, consultations and representation during bankruptcy proceedings);
  • Representation of insolvent companies at court;
  • Acquisition of assets from companies undergoing bankruptcy or restructuring;
  • Restructuring of troubled assets, including realisation of distressed and seized assets;
  • Financing of companies in financial difficulty as a support in overcoming the financial difficulties of this entity, acquisition of the shares of companies in financial difficulty;
  • Selling or acquisition of an insolvent legal entity;
  • Advice on international (cross-border) bankruptcy (insolvency) issues;
  • Bankruptcy administration services.

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