Don’t let the challenges created by COVID-19 ruin your long-established relationships with employees, suppliers, other business partners and institutions. The market situation created by COVID-19 is temporary. Negotiate!

In addition to being loyal and trusted partners to our clients, our lawyers are well-accomplished negotiators.

  • Negotiation in transaction

Our team, having a solid experience in representing the clients in commercial deals, is ready to immediately audit the existing contractual obligations of your business arising out of commercial contracts, M&A and financing transactions, and assess the legal implications of non-compliance with contractual provisions, find solutions to mitigate the non-compliance risk. Further, we will represent your interests in negotiations with your counterparties and strive to find the most acceptable solution for your business.

Are you in the phase of negotiations or thinking of future commercial, M&A or financing transactions? Our Corporate and M&A team is at your disposal to re-open and re-negotiate terms & conditions of these transactions and is a reliable partner in setting convenient legal terms for future transactions.

  • Negotiation in tax

History shows us that economic turbulence tends to empty state coffins, which pushes the government to intensify tax collection, which then leads to tax disputes. We are ready for that, but sometimes you might want to consider negotiations instead.

When negotiating with tax authorities you are up against the creature with a financial strength of the whole country, human resources hundred times exceeding yours, flexibility of a rock and the power to change rules of the game at any moment.

Therefore, we have a dedicated team for Tax negotiations. They understand the thinking of a state and this allows them to correctly project your expectations and shape your behavior even before you consider negotiating. They have significant experience in dealing with the taxman, both at the central and local levels. This allows them to understand how far the authorities may go at the negotiations table and reach the best possible solution.

A good track record allows our team to make reasonable predictions as to the outcome of the negotiations or the outcome of the dispute if no compromise is reached. For you this allows to predict the financial impact of a chosen path.

  • Negotiation in litigation

During the outbreak of COVID-19 business must survive. Not only the borders of many countries are physically closed, but the judicial system is also slowed down. In this uncertainty the most effective tool is negotiation. And there is no time to test the most effective negotiation technique.

Our Dispute Resolution team has been tested not only in academics but also in real-life environment. In-depth studies of the Harvard-style principled negotiations technique, application of FBI methods of controlled negotiations, economic calculations, experience in complex negotiations have put our negotiators into leading positions. We know how to create value for our clients.