Regulatory & Antitrust

Our team is one of the strongest competition and compliance teams with unrivaled experience and a track record of landmark cases in this area. We also have a first-class reputation for gaining merger clearance in highly concentrated markets. Our track record includes working with both local projects of strategic importance and advising on complex multi-jurisdictional matters.

  • Regulatory. We have established a particularly solid position in the handling of cases where the public sector is one of the parties. Understanding the psychology and behavioural patterns prevalent in the public sector is a distinct competitive advantage of our team enabling us to open the doors that remain unseen by the others. Our expertise involves advising on environmental and construction permits, detailed planning, licensing, public regulation, and consulting on everyday legal operations.
  • Compliance. Our team advises on compliance matters and helps businesses dealing with it effectively and creatively. While many of the core principles of antitrust law apply similarly to all, our team takes pains to customize its programs to the specific issues arising in the client’s business and industry, considering the risk profile of that field. Our lawyers have also assisted clients in setting up individually customized “dawn raid” rapid reaction plans. We are experienced both in domestic market as regulation increases or changes and also across jurisdictions as more companies go global and being compliant with laws becomes essential and cost friendly way to stay competitive.
  • Antitrust. We are highly skilled in dealing with all competition and antitrust issues: merger control, dominance and abusive conduct, cartel regulation, state aid, private enforcement, litigation and EU regulatory advice, licensing strategies and agreements, strategic alliances and joint ventures, regulatory and internal investigations, and other antitrust investigations. Our team provides general advice for the obtaining of competition clearances in mergers and joint ventures as well as represent clients before regulatory bodies.

Experience Highlights